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Always Planning

Even when I’m chilling out for the night, I’m always thinking about what I’ve learned today, how my goals are progressing, what I’m doing next.

Today in Detroit, we had some unusually cold weather, in the negatives, with windchills as low as 60 below. So, it was a good day to stay inside and plan thing: content for my channel, future goals, photo and video projects, travel plans this year. If I take even a few minutes at night to reflect and plan, the next day goes much smoother all around, and 2019 is going fantastic so far. If you‘re reading this, I hope it’s going great for you, too!

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1 Comment

Oct 17, 2021

Hi Nick, congratulations of over 5K subscribers on your YouTube channel. I wanted to write a comment below your video on 10 overrated guitarists, but I was disappointed not to find a place to do so. It was the first time I noticed your posts and originally stopped to listen because I misread the title and thought you were mentioning UNDERrated guitarists--otherwise I may not have stopped. I was hoping to learn of players to check out, rather than spending time on what others dislike. Nevertheless, as soon as realized my error, I decided keep watching to hear what you had to say. I was disappointed not to find a place to leave a comment below.

I completely respect that…

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